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Are you thinking about what to buy your pastor's wife and thinking of Christian Shirts for Women?

GodsyGirl offers so much more.

If you are searching for creative, useful ideas, I'm going to try to help.  

Here are some terrific "food for thought" gift suggestions any pastors wife would love!

Hey, as a pastor's wife,  I'm not using this post to "jockey" for gifts myself.

I'm just trying to create a thoughtful list of ideas for those women who often bear heavy burdens and sacrifices for your church congregation.

Let's jump in! Know, I have suppliers and affiliate relationships with some of the items. 

 Elegant and classically decorated music box with inscription and cross design. Open lid to play "Friend in Jesus" A thoughtful thank you gift for pastor's wife, for her service to you and the Lord. Size 8" x 6" x 2". Sentiment reads:To Our Pastor's Wife Your Loving support strengthens His word by the positive example you give. Your tireless work Inspires us all, and teaches us how to live. . Boxed.

Pastor's Wife Shirt - Green | Pastor's Wife living life! | Gift for pastor's wife

Regular price $20.50
I love, love, love this pastor's wife gift idea.  This t-shirt is comfy, colorful and cheery.  She'll love this tee!

Gift ideas for your pastors wife

Plambag Canvas Messenger Bag Small Travel School Crossbody Bag

Regular price $21.99
You have a tee, you need a bag!  This is a super cute bag that is quite functional. In fact, I'm going to buy it for myself. I'll be back to writing this blog post. Seriously. 

Good gift for pastors wife

Pastors wife living life shirt - Green Yellow print - Black

Regular price $17.00
This is the same design, it's just to accommodate a lower budget. This shirt cut is less expensive and also very roomy.  Size down on this one. 

appreciation gift for pastors wife

Gifts for Pastor's Wives | Appreciation gift for Pastor's Wives

Regular price$18.99
This gift for pastor's wives has been around for a while.  We've had this design before we  even opened the store. It's a great seller and your pastor's wife will love this gift!

presents for pastors wives


Angel shirt - Angels are really all around us.

Regular price $18.00

This is not a pastor's wife tee, per se.  But, is a great addition to any pastor's wife group.  This is another GodsyGirl great seller.  You'll love giving this for her.

birthday present for pastors wife

Angel Barcelo Women's Soft Leather Multi-layer pocket Tote Shoulder Bag

Regular price $33.99
Most women (pastor's wives too) can't live without a good, functional hand bag.  Plus, it's pink too!  She'll adore this gift.  Pair it with any one of our tees and you've got a winner. 

Proverbs 31 Tee Shirt for Women - Team Proverbs 31- Scripture Shirt

Regular price $23.50
This Proverbs 31 shirt comes in tons of scrumptious colors and your pastor's wives will love it! It references the Proverbs 31 woman we all aspire to become. 

 Also visit my blog Married to a for an idea on delivering tribute or appreciation to your pastor's wife. 

Here is an excerpt: 

I get a lot of emails (actually, folks contact me through the blog “form”) about what can be said to a pastor’s wife during a pastor’s wife tribute or pastor’s anniversary service.

Our church doesn’t have formal anniversary services because hubby and I aren’t big “attention” folks. Instead, we opt for the church to pray for us and lay hands on us during that Sunday. It’s my fav time of year. The hugs and encouragement I get on that Sunday carry me through the rest of year. That’s enough for us. No judgement, it’s just that big celebrations are not our thing.

Of course, when it comes to “appreciation” and recognition, no “one size” fits all.  Sweet words said to me, could mean absolutely nothing to another pastor’s wife.  Monetary gifts bless me, but could offend a different pastor’s wife. It’s all about the person, their love language and their personality.

Still, I figured I could contribute a little “something something” share some words encouraging words for a pastor’s wife, and especially some that would bless me.

It’s not really a pastor’s wife poem…or is it? Poems don’t have to rhyme, right?

I’m not being a shady pastors wife!

To be clear: my congregation is amazing. 

I feel loved and appreciated regularly. Whether it’s Joyce texting me encouragement, or Janice being my biggest supporter and encouragement or whether Danuyell is making me laugh or Donna T is texting me, Bev and Sid are feeding me, K-Lump is teeeting me, Mo is having lunch with me, Tim is singing for me, Ellie is motivating me, or Vera K D loving me on Facebook, or September texting…hey, I’d better stop.  I can’t begin to name all the people who ...

Check out this cute sweatshirt that says "Ask me about my Church". Pastors wives would love a soft, cozy shirt like this!



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