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Are the two connected?  Not really, but this is an e-store featuring Christian shirts for women and I want to talk about humility.  So there you have it! The topic is both Christian shirts for women. Click on any image to see my shirts for Christian women. :) Let's start with the humility part. Knowing how to humble yourself is key to walking in love.

A few girlfriends and I visited an upscale Kansas City seafood restaurant in an area called the Country Club Plaza. I wasn’t in the mood for fish, so I ordered chicken. The chicken entrée was nothing to ‘write home’ about. It was mediocre at best. I know what you’re thinking: at a restaurant famous for seafood and I ordered chicken!

Lesson learned. But people do the same thing all of the time. I’ll tell you how in a minute. This post is all about how to be humble. I must also talk about Humility and Christian shirts for women in this post too. We'll see how that goes. Can't wait to tell you what I learned about this topic.  

First, in order to understand love, you've got to go to the source.

God is love personified (I John 4:8). At the seat of His very being is love, love love. We're nothing but the recipients of His love and grace.

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He’s the perfect source to teach us how to love!

Just like I ordered chicken in a fish restaurant, we try to find out how to be humble and walk in love from the wrong sources. For chicken, I need to find a source that specializes in chicken. For love and humility, I need to find a source for that too.

It’s silly to allow Hollywood-derived love stories to shape our expectations of how our men should treat us or how our friends should interact with us. Instead, turn to the God of the universe and His ‘expert instruction manual’(the Bible) for a guide on loving and living.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Corinthians 13:4

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First Corinthians chapter twelve is known as the “love chapter” because it defines explicitly how to love one another. When I want to know how to humble myself, I go to that chapter.

Yeah, when I’m struggling in my love walk, I go to the ‘love chapter’ every single time. It reminds me that love is not puffed up, but humble.
The Message Bible translates this perfectly.

For instance, the Message Bible translates first Corinthians chapter twelve verse four superbly: “love cares more for others than for self.” What a perfect adaptation of the love scripture! There’s nothing arrogant or puffed up about it at all. Want to know how to humble yourself - you too should refer to this scripture often. Maybe put it in your phone's calendar so it will pop up randomly and remind you how to humble yourself and walk in love.

Loving others in “real life”
Love is saying you’re sorry when you know you didn’t do anything wrong. Love is listening to the same story time and time again because it blesses the storyteller. Love is saying “no problem” when it really is a huge problem. In a loving relationship, you don’t concentrate on flaws; instead you patiently love others into wholeness.

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Godly love shows His fingerprint on your life so others will want to know Him. In right balance, this type of love is the true ingredient to harmony and relational peace.

Humans do few things better than fail.

It’s part of our makeup. God put His Spirit into us -earthen vessels (or cracked up pots) - and as a result, we’re going to blow it from time to time. The result: we commit huge goobers (faults) and others will commit them against us.

Forgiveness is a cornerstone of our Christian faith walk. Without it, salvation and redemption would be empty and meaningless. Just as we have been pardoned, we’re told to forgive others. As a matter of fact, if we don’t’ forgive them, we won’t be forgiven ourselves! Yikes! Check out Matthew 6:14 and 15 for yourself!

So how do we forgive?

The answer is simple, but the process isn’t always so easy. Here’s the skinny: we forgive in pieces. When someone wrongs you, imagine the offense is written on a huge blackboard. When you remember it or feel it’s pangs, imagine yourself erasing it and no longer charging it to their “account”. Be gentle with yourself through this process. You may repeat this process over and over again depending on how deep-seated the hurt was. It may take weeks, months or even years to genuinely forgive some people.

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Q. “What if they don’t apologize?”

A. Doesn’t matter. Just be obedient to God’s word and keep your heart free from the bitterness that comes from unforgiveness. Bitterness will destroy you spiritually and eventually even physically. Read “Betrayal’s Baby” by Bunny Wilson.

Q. “What if they want to remain friends?”

A. Pray about it. Instant fellowship is not always possible after betrayal. Here’s why: some people have been so wounded by others that they perpetuate a cycle of torment and pain. Hurt people tend to hurt other people – sometimes without even trying to do so. If the person is able to love you and be-friend you; then go for it. However, if they are wounded to the point of extreme negativity and disloyalty, you may have to distance yourself for a while.

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Note: Pray about it because God may want to use you to be His light in their lives. They could be your assignment. So, pray, pray pray for guidance.

In short, God made forgiveness possible for us to enjoy the blessings of His kingdom; we must make it available to others. There’s liberty and freedom in living a life of forgiveness. God demonstrated forgiveness to us so that we can demonstrate it to others. Let’s strive to walk it out!

Indicators you have NOT forgiven someone:

1. You talk endlessly about the pain they caused you.

2. When you see them, your face still gets hot.

3. You cannot pray for them to be blessed and prosper for two straight weeks. (Try it! The Bible tells us to pray for those who hurt us. If you can’t, you likely need to work in forgiveness, girl!)



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