Afrocentric T-shirts - Celebrating My Culture

I love Afrocentric T-shirts!


I created these tees for Black and Brown women because we have a historical experience of being viewed as unattractive and under-represented in popular culture.

No, not everyone has done this, but those who have marketed did. 

Now women of color have owned their own beauty and popular media has reflected that in the increase of products created for us. 

Is the world perfect? No, but the world has changed. 

Is more change needed? Sure, but the world has changed and will continue to change

Please check out this growing collection of t-shirt and Afrocentric shirts for women of color. 

To be clear: women of color are no better than anyone else, but just like every other woman, we have special qualities that make us unique, special, and beautiful.

Let's celebrate all forms of beauty...just as God created it. Amen?


Afrocentric t shirts  and shirts for women of color with natural hair

This Afrocentric t tshirt collection celebrates all things ethnic, from natural hair to the beauty of being a natural woman of color!

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