About GodsyGirl

Christian women's apparel and Christian woman tshirt designer

I'm so glad you've landed in my world of creativity! 

I'm Teri and I'm a creative wanna-be with tons of ideas to explore and lots of thoughts swirling around in my head. 

In my personal life, I'm a blogger, pastor's wife, podcaster and mom.

Yes, I'm busy.  But, I absolutely love expressing myself with words and design. 

This is where GodsyGirl Shop comes in!

About my GodsyGirl Designs

First, I have lots of help making this work.It's a team effort.

Secondly, all designs embody a Godsy attitude along with a little salty sarcasm. Got keep life interesting! 

Most of my tees are for both men and women. However, I specialize in christian women's apparel. 


My women's tees will bless you...shock you and make you chuckle...if I did them right...you'll have some reaction! Enjoy!

Note: You'll notice I spell t-shirts a variety of ways. This is not a reflection of the education system from which I derived. It's for the search engines (or SEO).