About GodsyGirl and her Jesus Tees!

GodsyGirl Jesus Tees and Christian shirts for women

 I am one Christian t-shirt e-store offering Christian women's shirts!

So, I'm not a big-old company who doesn't
care about you or your purchase!

When you order from The GodsyGirl Shop, you're ordering from a person who provides great service and affordable Jesus tees for women (and some dudes too ... look for "unisex" in the descriptions or search up top).

For real, I'm not padding profits to pay for overhead costs or salaries. Nope.

I outsource customer service (handling incoming calls), but all designs and back-end processes are me - a simple pastor's wife from the Midwest!

That's why my Christian t shirt prices are surprisingly affordable!

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I can make a fantastic profit with much less cost to you because I don't have a huge staff to pay or a bunch of expenses to cover. 

This is why you'll see some prices vary; it's because I'm trying to pass on the very BEST price to you...right down to the penny! 

Why I started The GodsyGirl Shop

Hey, I'm a confident woman of color and for years I was looking and searching for faith shirts that match my wit, swag, and personality. I couldn't find many of them, so I CREATED THEM!

cool christian shirts


Jesus tees are a great way to "show up" in the world.

Hiding is not an option for me. You need folks to know I'm here and who I am in Christ or just as a person.

Similarly, the world needs to know who you are too! These cool Christian shirts make that happen. You'll get noticed and for all the RIGHT reasons!

You'll love wearing them and making bold statements for Jesus and for your core values too!

Cute Christian women's apparel


In my personal life, I'm a blogger, pastor's wife, podcaster and mom of two sons.  I've even written a short book on Amazon. 

Yes, I'm busy. 

But, I absolutely love expressing myself with words and design. 

This is where the GodsyGirl Shop comes in!  It's another way for me to be creative and to touch lives.

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Again, most of my cool Christian tees can work for both men and women. 

However, I specialize in Christian women's apparel and Christian shirts for women of God.

As I expand, you'll find other interesting things around the shop. So stay tuned!

Yep, my Christian shirts for women will bless you...some will shock you and others will make you chuckle. My goal is to produce some sort of reaction each time you wear a GodsyGirl tee out in the world! 

Jesus Tees Christian apparel for women

I always say, "Like me or not, you'll remember you met me!" Same with my Christian tees for women! You'll remember you saw one!

You'll notice I spell "t-shirts" a variety of ways throughout the shop. This is not a reflection of the education system from which I derived. :) It's for the search engines (or SEO).


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