Christian women's group ideas

Christian women's group ideas

I have some thoughts about women's ministry and some Christian women's group ideas you can use!

A Christian women's group is a group of women espousing the Christian faith. The groups can have a myriad of goals. But most likely the goal is a combination of both fellowship and Christian development. By fellowship, I mean to give women an opportunity to just hang out and be together, enjoying one another's company. This is usually easier said than done. That is why I wrote this blog post on Christian women’s group ideas.  Not only am I a t-shirt designer, but also a pastor’s wife and Christian woman with lots of women’s ministry experience. I hope you find it useful.

Again, sometimes women’s ministry events can be so difficult to plan and frustratingly tough to facilitate.  I guess that is true for any event.  These sorts of events “hit” differently for me though.  I suppose it’s because women’s ministry events have so much at stake. 

For example, it can be arduous to get folks to come to the event or even to persuade volunteers to help you plan it.  From the attendee perspective, you can have those who feel left out during the event, who don't like the activities presented or even those who didn't want to come in the first place. Yes, it can be tricky.

Singing Celine Dion’s “All by Myself”

As you know, feeling left out is one of the most uncomfortable states of being.

It is at our core to want to belong and to fit into some degree. When we don't, we can often feel rejected or even socially spurned.

No fun.  Not a good feeling.

In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons women do not attend Christian women's events.

They already have busy lives and possibly their friend personal groups. This being so, what's the point of risking rejection or abiding by some uppity Christian women’s clique.  Who has time for that?

Doesn't it break your heart to think this can happen in the body of Christ?  The bad news is it does.  The good news is you can make sure it doesn't happen in your Christian women’s group!

Plan out the “Experience”…

A well-planned Christian women's group activity can minimize the opportunity for someone to feel this way.

In fact, it can eliminate it altogether.

All you have to do is build interaction, engagement, partnership, and networking into the planning process.

Let me share an unlikely connection between developing your Christian women’s group ideas with software development.  Ok. Did you know in the software development and IT world, there is a segment called user experience?

It's usually abbreviated as UX.

In this field, professionals link nonhuman experiences to human ones. In other words, they focus on how users of a product might feel experiencing it.

They investigate whether the product is a familiar experience or an awkward illogical one. 

Is the product intuitive for the users or does it ask them, to do something that seems unnatural to them? 

Indeed, UX is a critical, but often ignored part of the development process. This is why you have systems, applications, and products that frustrate the heck out of you!

I have an example! Every time I go to use one of my favorite eyebrow pencils - I can't remember the name right now - I am frustrated they didn’t have a UX designer involved in their product development.

The reason why is because the eyebrow pencil looks identical on each side.  HOWEVER, on one end you have a brush and on the other end, you have the actual pencil. The joke on me every morning is which side is which.

Sure, it's a small thing but it aggravates the heck out of me to open the brush end when I want the pencil or vice versa.

Do you see why UX is so important? I found a video if you want to learn more about it. If not keep going and watch me connect these dots.

In my opinion, many Christian women group planning teams could benefit from a user experience analysis. 

Essentially, I mean they have to think about the women who are going to attend the event.  I don't go deep, but here are just a few things to consider when developing your women's group ideas. I'm going to try to walk you through a slight UX process that I made up. :) 

Introverts in women's ministry


It would be good to consider how your introvert and your shy people will feel during the event.

Remember, introverts are not just shy people.

That is one of the biggest misnomers. Shy people often feel a bit of anxiety, stress, and even a little bit of fear in social situations. This could be related to their personality or even an unpleasant social experience when they were younger.

Some sources say shy people may genuinely want to participate in social settings but are uncomfortable when they try.

Shy women in women's ministry events and Christian women's group ideas

I found a cool article that explains the concept perfectly. It is directed toward elementary teachers, but I think it registers with what this blog post is addressing.  The article is on the site called You can check it out by clicking here.

In the piece, an example is given in which a child wants to engage with other students but fear prevents them from doing so.

Shyness and fear go hand-in-hand.  In my experience as a certified Myers-Briggs trainer, adults aren’t overcome with fear as much as anxiety and nervousness.  What do you think?  Either way, as you plan your Christian women's group events, remember shy people, and make concessions for them.

In contrast, as you consider introverts, you have a completely different experience at hand. Introverts tend to be just fine interacting with others – even though they don’t always want to. Although they are discriminant with whom they engage, they usually don't have a problem interacting with people at all (unless they are also shy).

Introverted women might tend to be trepidatious about large groups because the interaction tends to drain them or expend their emotional energy.  

What about you?  When you leave a social gathering, are you drained or invigorated?  If you are the latter, you may be an extrovert finding joy and thrill in the social interactions of others. If not, you could be an introvert.

If you are a textbook introvert, after a party or social event, it's not uncommon for you to express how drained you are and the need for some time alone to regroup or recharge.

The same article referenced above explains this as well. Here's the full link should you not feel like searching for it above:

Plan for Introverts and Shy Ladies

As you work through your Christian women’s group ideas, ask yourself “what is my plan for introverts and shy people?”

How can you make things a bit easier for them?

Of course, I have a Christian women’s group idea for you! 

Well, in truth I have a few, but the first could be to have buddies for each woman attending the event. I know this sounds hard or may be difficult to plan.

It requires some planning, but you can help women form great connections while making sure no one feels alone.

If you will have a group over 30, I would pass this one up.

Give the ladies a “heads up”

This is a bit higher risk. But so fun! My advice is to be sure to let them know this activity will happen prior to the event. 

As a result, in the promotional flyer or inside the confirmation e-mail let the women know they will participate in an activity that will add a “plus one” to their table and their fellowship experience.”

When I’ve done it I’ve found women are open to being part of this activity IF they know about it beforehand.

 Another warning: my team is always ready to move tables, if necessary. It usually isn’t, but if I get some unrelenting people, I’ll push tables together or something to accommodate them.

All the times doing this, I've only had only one unpleasant experience with an insistent woman. In all fairness, it was my fault because I didn't warn her or the attendees (as I recommended above) before doing the activity.

I repeat: if you let women know what's happening prior to arrival, you likely have fewer challenges than if you spring something on them during the event.

Women's ministry group ideas

Women's Ministry Idea #1: The secret sauce:  have a drawing!

The drawing links the “buddies” with one another.

You need two hats, bowls or baskets.  Inside each is numbers ranging from 1-10 (or 20, 30, etc. it depends on the size of the group).  

Now the fun begins!

1) Ask the women to form a line from one end of the room to another. Again, this depends on the size of the group and the room.     


2) I then count to the halfway point of the line. In other words, if I have 20 women, I count to the 10th woman.


3) Separate or “break the line”.  I’ll usually say, “all women from this point on, please line up facing the other [line of] women.”


4) Give a hat/bowl/basket to the first woman in each respective line.


5) Ask her to draw one and pass it down.


The women who drew the same numbers are “buddies”.

I like to take the mic and explain it this way:

Sometimes attending events is hard. Have you ever been to an event and had no one to talk to or felt “left out”? We don’t want that here. The woman with your matching number is your buddy. Your job is to check on her, make eye contact throughout the event, or BETTER YET sit with her! Hey, if you came with a group of women invite her to join you with the other ladies. Yes, we will have to move some seats, but please be open to doing this. In the Kingdom, no one should feel on their own. If we have to even move tables to make this work, we can! This is important.)”

Give them a chance to talk, answer icebreaker questions and sit together.

A Risk: sure, you could have two introverts or shy people.  If you’re worried about this, expand the number range to 3 and then you’re bound to have a dynamic extrovert or chatty introvert in the mix.

 Finally, I like to give the “buddies” about ten minutes to talk and get to know one another before praise and worship.  Sometimes, I’ll have paper strips on the table. The strips have icebreaker questions they can ask one another.

 Women's ministry ideas

Ministry Ideas 2: “Spies in the Land”

Another one of my Christian women’s group ideas is to have a group of women called “spotters”.

Here is the thing:  their only job at the women's group event would be to watch out for shy people.  That’s it!  Easy right?

Then, they engage with them…they become their buddy without the shy sister even knowing it.  It’s brilliant!!!  It’s a covert mission!  I used to call these folks “spies”, but that was weird. Yeah, “spotters” sounds better.

Needless to say, no one outside your planning committee should know that this is happening. you don't want any shy people to feel that they are birds of prey or anything.

Spotter Criteria

  • Get 10 or 15 women whose only job is to watch for women who might …possibly be shy or who seem to not be engaging with the table.
  • If they discern that they are, their task is to go and hang out with them a bit. Check in on them from time to time. But they shouldn’t be too obvious.

They should be coached to do this organically and not try to appear forced.  For instance, if they walk over to the table where a woman is sitting, they need to engage with the other women too – even though they are there for the potentially shy, unengaged person.

They should approach this prayerfully.

Spotters should know when to leave and when to stay close. It's important to remember just because a person is alone does not necessarily mean they are lonely.

Encouraging your spotters to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit is important so they will not be overbearing. The risk is still there, but Holy Spirit does help.

“Hi, I’m _______ may I hang out with ya a bit?”

They should ask if they could sit with the shy person and, again, follow their cues so they do not come across as pushy or clingy.  A spotter can transform from a “nice person” to “creepy” in a heartbeat. :D

 To be clear: the spotters could be either extroverted or introverted. Remember introverts aren't afraid to engage they just expend more energy doing so. However, you do NOT want a shy person in this role. That would defeat the entire purpose!

This is an innovative idea and completely out-of-the-box thinking. Therefore, when you introduce the idea, prepare to have explanations about why you're doing it. It’s a new concept and folks may not “get” it right off. No worries. Just explain the reason.

In short, tell them, you do not want any woman to feel left out, neglected, or rejected during the event.

This is especially important if you're trying to build a community of women versus hosting a one-time event. Either way, you want everyone to feel they belong and are part of the Christian women’s group event, right? 

Continuing with Christian women's group ideas

 How might someone who doesn't know anyone in the room feel?

This one is the most likely to happen.

You know, I love it when super brave women come to events alone. It gives me life!

I met one of my dearest friends at a women’s event our church hosted.  She came alone and introduced herself.  We’ve been friends since.  Here is the kicker:  she’s a pretty shy person.

Let me tell you, she’s not alone in going places on her own. I've gone to many events alone and honestly, I prefer it.

Sure, I love sometimes hanging out with girlfriends, but not all the time.

Going alone gives you the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Being an introvert means that I'm able to engage and giggle with strangers but at the same time I'm equally comfortable being alone and experiencing the event with the other women.

I don’t need to know anyone there. Still, it's nice when people introduce themselves to me.

You’re here because you’re looking for Christian women’s group ideas and one of the most foundational ideas is having welcoming activities and ice breakers. You gotta have them.  The internet is full of ideas, so I won’t list any here.

Greeters with a purpose...

Spice up the greeters role

So many opportunities are missed with the whole concept of greeters.

Greeting a person at the door makes them feel welcome… for about 3 seconds. Then, the minute they walk into a room full of strangers, it's easy to feel lost and alone.

I have an idea!  Why not have your greeters not only stand at the door and say “hello”, but also check on people from time to time as they wait for the event to start or something. 

This way the women attending your Christian women's group event will not feel abandoned. Why? Because you have a plan to make sure they feel not only welcome at the door but also during other parts of the event too.

If your women’s group meeting is small, your team can play this role.

If it's even smaller or if you have no team, then it's your job.  Float around greeting and checking on your guest. 

Wait! If you're shy, go ahead and draft some of your outgoing family members or friends. I'm sure they'll help you out.  But frankly, I think you should do it – even if you’re shy.  Just pray and say “Holy Spirit…you’re on!” and work that room, Girl! 

Moving on in your user experience planning, let’s talk about new Christians. Then, we will get to a few more Christian women’s group ideas.


(Women's ministry does change link above to see shirt)

How could a brand-new Christian woman feel in your women’s group?

This one resonates with me. Years ago, our women's group went to Branson, Missouri to shop, eat, and watch a show.

We rode a fabulous luxury bus there.  A four-hour ride can be long even on a luxury bus. I knew some women might feel left out at different times. Of course, I had a plan for that. Maybe I'll share those in another post.

Anyway, a young woman, whom I didn't know very well at the time, said she was extremely excited about going on the Branson trip because she had never been around Christian women before.

Think about that.

I grew up in a circus of Christianity. My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by Christian women.

There is no way I could fathom what it could feel like being around “us” for the first time.  Needless to say, this caused me a little bit of anxiety. Because I know there is no real difference between Christian women and any other women for that matter.  All women are human and human beings do human being things. Ugh. 

As the ministry leader and pastor’s wife, I couldn’t let any people do any of their “human things” to this baby Christian.

Aside from the anxiety about other women, I knew I had to create an environment where she felt comfortable.

During the introduction of the bus ride, I had a little script encouraging everyone to be on their best behavior, to be patient with one another, and the process itself. I also added a comment for the women to look out for one another.

I wished I had done something like having the women hold one another accountable.  This could have been done in a fun way like “if you hear or see someone acting out of sorts, say nothing, but do a small dog bark to signal they need to adjust their attitude.”

That could have been so fun!  Maybe we’ll do that next time.

As you know too, everything rises and falls on leadership. That means that I personally interacted with that young woman at various points in the trip.

 Little did she know, I also had another woman stick close to her. It was a woman closer to her age and someone whom I knew she would love being around.

 All these years later, that young woman is still in our church and quite active. I can't help but think part of the reason was that she did not have a horrible experience during the women's group trip. 

Despite our duck boat almost sinking, and our “luxury” bus stopping in the middle of the night, she still had a great time. 

The best part is she bonded with Christian women - those I planted and those who just happen to be there. You gotta love women’s ministry, right???

Women's Ministry Ideas

Let’s talk about why are Christian women’s groups important?

That young woman from the Branson trip is exactly why women groups are so important. They give women an opportunity to interact with other women but also to see what being a Christian woman looks like in real-time.

That young woman got to see how some Christian women handled some remarkably rough situations and it wasn’t all perfect.  Being stuff in Springfield, Missouri, and out in the water during a stupid duck cruise doesn’t necessarily bring out the best in folks.  *hehe*

Thankfully none of it detoured her.

Besides, women’s group events are so important because every woman needs a tribe.  

I am of the personal belief that the best tribe you can have is one comprised of Christian women.

While we can have friends of a variety of backgrounds, it is biblical and necessary to surround yourself with other Christians.

All you have to do is look at the church in the book of Acts and you'll clearly see the importance of a bonded structure of believers. The Bible said they had all things in common. 

"All the believers were together and had everything in common." 
Acts 2:44

I think that closeness was linked to their fellowship with one another, don't you?

The more time you spend with someone (or some people) the more connected you feel. You sense you belong to something bigger than yourself. You share resources information and most of all …laughs!

I've always said there's nothing more powerful than it group of spirit-filled women. This is why Christian women's groups are so important. They bring everyone together and create a network of believers that add dimension to the Christian faith. 

Aaahh... Make no mistake about it. Your Christian ministry effort is more than just a bunch of women getting together for some fun. It's family. It's community. It really does matter.

Mean t-shirt

This is the funniest tee to wear.  I've worn it and gotten so many giggles.  It also opens the door for me to tell folks I'm a work in progress and God is not finished with me yet. 


Common downfalls of Christian women’s groups.

Before I get to more of my Christian women’s group ideas, it's only natural that I share what I think are some common downfalls of women's groups. The first one is mean people.  

If you've been in church longer than 10 minutes, you understand that all Christians are not created equal. I don’t mean literally.

By that I mean we are all in varying stages of maturity.

Some Christian women are mature, and others focus on things that don't really matter because they are immature still.

Immature Christians are like babies. They can make a mess unless monitored and supported. Oh yeah, they gotta be watched and watched closely.

If you leave a baby to his own devices, he will make a mess that will stink up an entire room.

Further, it would be considered abuse to leave them in that mess.

As a women’s ministry leader, the same goes.

If you leave a baby Christian to her own devices, you may have all kinds of foolishness in your women's group. You'll have issues with gossip, clicks, discord, and jealousy. 

In my opinion, these things are just as natural to an immature Christian as pooping a diaper is to a baby.

I don't think people should be maligned for being immature.

Nor do I think we should be surprised that they do immature things. However, I do strongly believe that as women's ministry leaders, we have to train such women just as a new mom has to potty train a new baby.

If you don't handle such situations your women's ministry group will be a hot mess and can become something bigger than you – and not in a good way.

In other words, the culture can become so thwarted and messy that you won't be able to control it. Then everything you've read about to this point will be useless.

Instead, try to create opportunities for new Christians to grow and learn what it means to be a Christian woman.

You could do mentoring sessions or regular Bible studies.

At any rate, get the word into the immature Christian. Hold them accountable when they make stinky messes, but also be there to clean it up when you must do so.

Vigorously control the culture of your women's group so that it never becomes a spiritual preschool. 

Women's ministry group ideas 

Your leaders matter a great deal!

May I humbly say be careful who you allow in leadership?  Leadership is not political, nor should it be about whom you like.

Those formal and informal leaders absolutely must be mature spiritually and emotionally.

I want them to be women almost like female deacons.

By that, I mean women who are of good reputation and mature in the faith as described in 1 Timothy 3:8-12.

Sure, other ladies can help with my women’s group. But, my leadership team is always comprised of strong women of faith.

Pray about how God wants you to handle yours

The last thing you want is your group to become a stereotypical, catty, elitist, cliquey group of women. Boo to that!

Finally!  It’s time for my Christian women’s group ideas! I intentionally organized this post to build upon some foundational thoughts I have while “dripping” ideas along the way.


Let's review, here is what I’ve covered so far. 

 You understand:

  • why women’s groups are important,

  • how to potentially make it welcoming for all women and

  • how to overcome the pitfalls of women’s ministry. 

Let’s get some ideas now!

Ideas for interaction and to remedy some of the challenges of Christian women’s groups.

I've laid a great foundation for what I believe an effective Christian women's group should look like. Now let's talk about what you came for - ideas for your Christian women's group!



  1. A Book Club!

The clubs are a lot of fun for people who like to read. The best part about them is you get to hear the heart of the women within the club. This book can become something of a catalyst for relationship building.

As women are discussing the book, they can't help but bring their own perspectives and experiences to the discussion. In doing so, everyone gets closer to one another.

I think the key is balancing the questions with scripture and personal experience. Sure, you want to include scripture but again you have to remember those brand-new Christians. As a young woman, I was part of a book club where I felt inept because I didn't know as much scripture as the other women. I eventually dropped off. 

One place we can all meet and agree is with our own experiences. Everyone is an expert in their own experience.

Again, include the scripture throughout the time together but please do not make your book club a masters level theology class. *chuckle*


It is so difficult to figure out the timing rhythm for a book club.

I think it is as varied as the people attending.  As I type this, the ministers' wives I lead are doing a book club activity. We are currently reading Priscilla Shirer’s book “Life interrupted.”  Great book!

The only critique I have of our activity is we meet monthly, and I think book clubs should meet more frequently. The reason is those faster readers usually read past where everyone else is.

The book we're reading is divided into sections, so I have us reading a section a month. No good. Unless you're a journaler, it's easy to forget key concepts to share. A month is a long time between meetings.

Honestly, I would recommend another structure for a book club or hopping on to zoom meetings more frequently. What do you think?

My idea moving forward is to have a four-week book club.

 Christian book club for women's ministry

Option 1: Meet up but set limits

This sort of book club could work well for a grip like mine.

If your group doesn't meet very often, or if you have people who are inside the group that may not be reading the book, it's best to give it a specific start and end time.

limit the book to four weeks. Each week, the” club” can touch base every Saturday morning or weekly.

Something magical can happen with this type of intimacy.

You could meet up at a local coffee shop or at someone's house. The weekly meetings could be limited to an hour and focus on specific discussion areas of the book.

If your book is nonfiction, you can pick restaurants or themes to bring into the meetings. For instance, if a character is eating tacos, you can meet up at a Mexican restaurant.

If the book is nonfiction as ours was, you can ask women to bring different parts of themselves to whatever they read that week.

I love some of the questions for fiction I found on this website.

Here are some I drafted for faith-based, Christian books: 

  • How can you link what you read this week to your past, present and future?
  • What do you think prompted the author to write the book (or the chapter you're focusing on)?
  • What did you read that really resonated with you?
  • How do you see the Holy Spirit using what you read this week?
  • If you could erase a part of the book because it hit too close to home dash which part would it be?
  • If everyone adhered to what was written in the book, how would the world be different? How would the church be different? How would this women’s group be different? What would there be more of and what would there be less of?
  • Do you think this book was necessary or was it a topic that has been beaten to death? Why or why not?
  • Would you recommend this book based on what you've just read? Why or why not?

Bring national television to your Christian women’s book club!

Have you ever watched the television show Shark Tank?

Here is what it is about: you have a few millionaires who hear entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in hopes the sharks will invest in them.

I have a different take on it for your group!

  • Have everyone come up with a cool women’s ministry event or effort.

  • Tell them to design ways to present or pitch the idea to a group of women (the sharks) using props, stick figures, or even other people to help.

You decide who the “sharks” are. In place of having just a few sharks, the whole group can be a collective “shark” and vote.

Or if you want to add some luck of the draw fun, you could have folks draw names to be one of the four or five sharks.

The opportunities are endless.

You could have these sharks help them bring their idea to fruition or once voted on or invested in, the entire group could help. Have fun with this.

Don't make it too serious or too hard. All you need is a bunch of creative thinkers, and you can plan your entire women's ministry year based on their ideas!

Kahoot! games for women's ministry

Play a game of Kahoot!! 

If you haven't heard of it, Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform usually used in education.

 Kahoot! reminds me of Family Feud without the survey audience or the families.

Kahoot! electronically quizzes people, and it will track a winning board for you. I think throughout the game it records the top-ten folks with the highest scores.

You get to make up all the questions you want.

I think it's most fun when you have a fun theme. It could be a theme like cats in a movie or spies in the Bible.

Each one of your questions can revolve around the theme.  it may sound boring, but let me tell you if you write your questions the right way you'll have even the stuffiest people giggling and competing before long. 

I haven't used Kahoot! with a cell phone, but it works wonderfully with computers in laptops. I'm sure it would work this same on a cell phone.  You gotta try it!

Here are some sites that list questions you can use for a Kahoot! game:!-ideas/

A Pinterest Board with some inspiration:!-questions/

Movie Trivia Questions (don’t forget to find some google copyright-free images to use too!)


Skits for women's ministry

Lights, Camera… ACTION!!!!

If you're looking for a purely fun activity. You could do something that taps into women's creative sides.

You could do something like charades.

Or even something I found from called paper bag dramatics.

It sounds a little bit elementary dash because it is for elementary school students, but it seems fun. I haven’t tried it yet.

  • Divide your large group into smaller groups. I think it would be ideal to have about four to five people in each group. Include too many more people in the group and you run the risk of your introverts and shy people getting lost in the hustle and tussle.
  • Give each group a paper bag. Inside the bag will be ordinary items that are easily recognizable to everyone. Things like a paper clip, a post-it, a piece of gum, some tape - anything.
  • Tell the women to collaborate to create a biblical skit using each one of the items inside the bag. You don't have to have a biblical skit either, you could have them create a generic skit. Or you could have them create a soul-winning skit - the options are endless! Be creative and make it fun!

The only rule is that everyone in the group has to participate in some way. they don't have to act out the skit, but they have to be part of the process. Sorry, shy people and introverted people. 

What’s in your handbag?

First, let me say I pray that your handbag is not as junky as mine.

It's a blessing I don't have a shoulder problem because it is so heavy!  Shucks, I like to always have everything in my handbag.

Need a stick of gum? I've got it.

Need ibuprofen? Don't worry, it's in my bag. 

Anyway, you can create a game in which you score people based on what is in their bag. The person or team who has the highest score wins.

On a sheet of paper, list the points values:

1 Point Values:

Include items everyone has in their bag or on their person. Things like driver's licenses, pens, keys, wallets, etc.

2-Point Values:

Things like tissue, red lipstick, a piece of lent, a penny, a dollar bill, lotion, etc.

3-Point Items:

Water bottle, toy, Vaseline, wet wipe, etc.

4-Point Items:

Band-aids, hair ties, fruit, actual picture printed on paper, headphones, snacks, a breath mint, and so on.

It's up to you to figure out what your five-point values are.

You get the idea.

Alrighty Then!

Well, now you have a philosophy to work from as well as some great ideas to build upon. For women's group outings, have women wear the same t-shirt. Of course, I want it to be a GodsyGirl t-shirt!  Check out the options here.

Be blessed and I wish you the very best with your Christian women’s group!